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Dr. Pat was recently named one of the top dentists for cosmetic and family dentistry in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area by Charlotte City Magazine!  She will appear on this list in the November 2015 issue or you can check out the list now on their website at  Dr. Pat would like to thank her peers in the dental field who voted for her to receive this recognition! 

This is the 7th year that Charlotte City Magazine has featured the top dentists list and Dr Pat has been named on the list all 7 years.  If you would like to learn more about the selection process for this award, please click here Selection Process.doc  Dr. Pat has also received the honor of being chosen as one of America's Best Dentists.



In the past, we recommended children begin their first visit between the ages of 2 ½ -3 for a cleaning, but now the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists wants us to encourage parents to bring their child to the dentist during their first year of life for an appointment aimed at parent education.  Once a month we hold a parent education class at our office where topics include how, when and why to clean your child’s mouth, as well as education on diet, decay, fluoride sources, sippy cup and bottle feeding. 

Dental decay is 5 times more prevalent than asthma.  By age 2, 10% of children have decay so we feel it is critical to reach parents early.  The class is free however we do require that you register in advance due to limited space and availability.  For those that prefer a scheduled individual appointment, there is a nominal fee.  Call us for more details or to register for a class.  


We have guest wifi available for your convenience!  Please feel free to use our WiFi on your laptop or mobile device any time you visit our office!


Looking for a great gift for someone?  We have gift certificates available that you can purchase for an existing patient.  The gift certificate can be for a specific dental procedure (i.e. tooth whitening) or you can make it for general dental work the patient may need to have done.  The gift certificate can be for any amount you wish.  Contact our office today for more details or to purchase your gift certificate! 


We can link your business website to our website!  If you are an existing patient at our office and are interested, you can email your company name and company website to us at and we will add your website to our links page under "Our Favorite Websites."  We look forward to adding you to our site! 


We support Dental Lifeline and donate our services to those patients.



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